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3 common causes of swimming pool injuries

When you are swimming in a public or private pool, you expect to have a great time. However, sometimes hazards can cause injuries to you or your children. What you plan as a day of family fun can quickly turn into an emergency. In certain cases, the property owner may be responsible for injuries that occur in or near the swimming pool. 

So, what are the most common dangerous conditions that lead to injuries at swimming pools? Here are some potential risks. 

Your child's head injury and the coach's liability

If your child sustains a concussion while playing a contact sport, he or she may not want to sit on the sidelines for the rest of the game. The coach may not be too happy about it, either. However, with all the media attention that traumatic brain injuries have received, you may rightfully expect your child not to endure a second, potentially more serious blow to the head.

Can you hold a coach liable if he or she puts your child back on the field in spite of definite signs of concussion? It may depend on when the injury happened.

The ins and outs of nerve damage

The nerves in your body control involuntary functions, senses and movements, and are essential for almost every activity in your daily life. From regulation of your blood pressure and heart rate to pain sensations in your skin, your nerves affect your entire system.

If you suffer nerve damage, it could lower your qualify of life significantly.

When commercial truckers are distracted

Americans are busy people, and just as you may feel tempted to make your phone calls or eat your dinner while you drive, commercial truckers face these same temptations. Because of the size and weight of their vehicles, however, the potential repercussions of truckers driving while distracted may prove more severe than those facing the average motorist.

So, what, exactly, is taking today's truckers away from the roadway, and just how much can these distractions impact your safety? Some of today's most notable truck driver distractions include:

Back-to-school driving tips for parents

Summer is coming to an end and school is starting. This means busy schedules, extracurricular activities and lots of driving. It also means unique hazards while you are on the road this time of year.

Follow these tips for a safe back-to-school start for you and your children. Focusing on what you can control will help you avoid getting into a car accident.

3 common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries are serious ailments that can affect your physical, mental and social abilities. There are many different ways that such injuries may occur. Car accidents, falls, airplane crashes and any other violent incidents are just a few of the potential culprits. If you recently suffered an accident such as one of these, it is important that you understand the symptoms of a TBI.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, TBIs affect approximately 1.7 million people each year. The following are three of the most common indications you may be suffering from TBI. If you are experiencing these or any other symptoms, you should seek medical help immediately and consider investing in legal representation.

What to do when a neighbor's dog bites you in California

One of the best parts of summer is being outside in the warm weather and sunshine. Perhaps you like to go for a run, ride your bike or just stroll down the block. This is usually a pleasant experience that allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.

However, summer draws not only humans outdoors but also pets. More people are likely to be out walking or playing with their dogs or just letting them loose to get out some energy. This raises the risk of a dog biting you.

5 ways a traumatic brain injury can make working difficult

Getting a traumatic brain injury can significantly impact your life. Serious brain trauma can affect your ability to work. Your memory, cognitive abilities, mobility, emotions and communication may become impaired temporarily or permanently. Due to these potential consequences, you may be unable to return to your job for a certain period of time. 

You might be living paycheck to paycheck and wondering how you are going to make it through this process while missing work. Read below for more information on how a TBI can affect your employment opportunities. 

What to do when an injury impacts your finances

Work is your source of income, and if an injury compromises your ability to work, you might quickly find yourself in a dire situation. Not everybody is lucky enough to have emergency savings, and for people who already live paycheck to paycheck, finances can become even more stressful than the injury itself. There are several things every injured person should know in situations such as these.

While the party responsible for the incident should eventually be held accountable, you need immediate solutions that will help you survive and pay your current bills. These tips can help you get through your current struggles and deal with the injury you have suffered, too.

Side-impact crashes with large trucks do not have to be deadly

Tractor trailers must meet federal regulations set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Some safety features, such as rear underride guards, are mandatory.

Side underride guards are not yet a part of the required safety equipment on trucks. However, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they should be.

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