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What to do when an injury impacts your finances

Work is your source of income, and if an injury compromises your ability to work, you might quickly find yourself in a dire situation. Not everybody is lucky enough to have emergency savings, and for people who already live paycheck to paycheck, finances can become even more stressful than the injury itself. There are several things every injured person should know in situations such as these.

How to get reimbursed for lost income after your accident

A key part of your insurance claim or personal injury settlement is the losses you have suffered because of your accident. If you are missing work due to your injury, you might be worried. Going without pay for weeks or months at a time can put you in a disastrous financial situation.

'Cause in fact' in California personal injury

Negligence is a term that can be thrown around a lot. In California and elsewhere, people often use the word to mean simple carelessness. While this definition is not wrong, and indeed, legal negligence does have a strong correlation to carelessness. In a courtroom setting there are several aspects of the theory that need to be shown in order to prevail in a lawsuit, whether based on an auto accident or other personal injury situation. We previously touched on the basics of a negligence case, and a few weeks ago we briefly discussed a couple of the elements that need to be shown, namely 'duty' and 'breach.'

'Duty' and 'breach' in California personal injury

Negligence is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit these days. While it may have a number of meanings among the general population, it is a very specific concept in legal circles. This blog previously outlined the very basic structure of a negligence claim by briefly summarizing the elements in such a claim. California readers may remember that the first two elements are 'duty' and 'breach.' Let's take a quick look at these foundational parts of a negligence case.

Dealing with insurance companies in California personal injury

As is often said, insurance is a product that you purchase while hoping to never have to use it. Because it is a hedge against something bad happening, insurance is one of those necessary evils that modern life requires. When a person has been hurt in an accident and an insurance company offers to pay a claim, it can seem like the victim should take the money and be thankful. However, it is important that Californians understand how insurance companies work, and how they need to be approached.

What is negligence in personal injury law?

"To err is human, to forgive is divine." While these philosophical words may be a good rule of thumb with regard to Californians' personal relationships and small slights, there are some practical ramifications that flow from some people's errors. When a person or entity has made a mistake that has caused injury or damage to another individual, it is perfectly acceptable for the injured party to expect some compensation to make him or her whole again; that is, to put that person as close to the place he or she was before the injury as possible.

Encouraging News for Spinal Cord Injury Sufferers

The lives of more than 17,000 people in the U.S. are altered every year due to a devastating, severe spinal cord injury. The long-term impact on their lives is severe, typically requiring extensive ongoing healthcare, therapy, rehabilitation, and assistance with daily activities.

How a Brain Injury Can Change Your Life

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a common consequence of motor vehicle collisions, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, sports injuries and other personal injury accidents. Many people don't realize that any impact to the head has the potential to cause a TBI. The impact need not be severe to result in a brain injury, and approximately 138 individuals die from TBI-related injuries every day in the United States.

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