Tax Law

Are you facing a tax problem? Have you heard from the California Franchise Tax Board or the IRS regarding tax arrears or an audit? If you reside in Stockton or the surrounding area of San Joaquin, turn to attorney Mark A. Thiel for help. Mark has years of experience helping people negotiate with the IRS and can save you a significant amount of money on taxes owed. Often times he is able ot get you immediate relief from wage garnishment and bank levies. Don't talk to anyone. Call us first.

How Is the Law Offices of Mark A. Thiel Different From a Tax Relief Agency?

There are many private businesses out there that claim to help people reduce their tax debt. The truth is, very few of them can really do very much for taxpayers because they don't have the license to practice in court. As a licensed attorney, Mark brings legal authority to your audit or negotiating session.

Before you respond to the IRS or California tax authorities, call attorney Mark A. Thiel at 209-390-4601 to discuss your tax problem. He offers a free consultation and can start helping you immediately.

Mark's services include working out options for outstanding tax balances, including:

Mark can also help you with matters such as:

  • Responding to tax notices
  • Business and payroll taxes
  • Self-employed business taxes

No Matter How Large or Small Your Tax Problem Is, Call Today

Mark is one of the pre-eminent tax law attorneys in Stockton. Don't face the IRS or California tax authorities without a knowledgeable licensed attorney at your side. Call the firm's office in Stockton at 209-390-4601 or use the convenient email contact form to provide a brief explanation of your tax problem. The firm will respond to arrange a free initial consultation as soon as possible.