Installment Agreements

Pay Back The Taxes You Owe In Monthly Terms You Can Afford

The IRS knows that people's financial fortunes change. A good year for your family's income may be followed by a bad year or the loss of a job. Paying back a large tax bill in one lump sum isn't always possible.

If You Have Received A Tax Notice, Don't Set It Aside. Call Attorney Mark Thiel.

If you reside or own a business in or around Stockton, California, bring your IRS or California Department of Revenue tax notice to the Law Offices of Mark A. Thiel. Unlike the private tax reduction businesses you hear about on the radio or television, Mark is a licensed attorney who understands what the IRS expects in the way of a tax workout. During your initial free consultation, he will ask you to supply your financial information and other documents the IRS will require. Then he will go to work for you.

Installment plans may be stretched out as long as five years. However, it is important to remember that you will pay penalties due and annual interest on the amount owed. Your first good faith installment payment can begin with your initial consultation in Mark's office.

Because Mark is a licensed attorney, he has the authority to use the court system to fight the IRS on your behalf. He is a tough and fair negotiator with an excellent record of successful installment plans for his clients.

In addition to working out a fair installment repayment agreement, Mark can also offer help with options for your outstanding balance, such as:

  • Attending your audit to appeal the amount the IRS says you owe
  • Negotiating a reduced tax bill through an offer in compromise
  • Negotiating the option to have your tax arrears placed into currently not collectible status
  • Appealing your tax bill through the tax courts

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Call attorney Mark Thiel to schedule an initial free, no-obligation consultation about your tax bill. He will explain your best steps for moving forward with setting up an installment agreement with the tax authorities. Call 209-390-4601 or use the email contact form to contact the office right away.