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Serious Car Accidents In California

If you or a loved one received serious injuries due to a car accident in California, it is important that you engage the help of a qualified attorney to help you navigate the system and receive the compensation you deserve for both treatment and recovery. California law dictates that cases involving serious injuries from car accidents are decided based on a "pure comparative negligence" standard. This means that compensation is based on calculated percentages of fault assigned to each driver. A qualified attorney can help you prove that the other driver owes you compensation for your injuries, and provide sound advice through each step of the legal process.

When Should You Contact An Attorney?

As soon as you or a loved one is physically able, contact an attorney to help you file your legal claim against the other driver. There is a strict two year statute of limitations on personal injury claims in California, and you cannot recover if you have not filed in time. If the other driver was driving a government vehicle such as a police car, you have only six months to file your claim.

Settlements and Trials

Most accident disputes end in a settlement between parties, and California law dictates that the two sides must have at least one settlement conference prior to going to court. An experienced negotiator who knows California law is critical to this process. In the case of serious injuries, you may well end up in court due to the potential for a large monetary award. Having someone on your side that knows how to talk to judges and present your case thoroughly can make the difference in receiving proper compensation.

What Can You Recover?

In cases of serious injuries due to a car accident in California, you are entitled to recover beyond the other driver's insurance caps. Your attorney will argue on your behalf to receive compensation for past and future medical expenses incurred during hospital stays, doctor visits, or at home care, as well as for pain and suffering and loss of wages. You may also be eligible for compensation if your injuries are so severe your relationships with your family suffer, known as loss of consortium.

Car accidents that result in serious injuries are very stressful for both drivers and loved ones, and hiring a good attorney allows you to focus on recovering. Mark Thiel not only has the extensive personal injury law experience you need on your side, he truly understands what you are going through. As someone who has suffered from injuries himself, he understands how it affects you and your loved ones.

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