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April 2017 Archives

'Duty' and 'breach' in California personal injury

Negligence is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit these days. While it may have a number of meanings among the general population, it is a very specific concept in legal circles. This blog previously outlined the very basic structure of a negligence claim by briefly summarizing the elements in such a claim. California readers may remember that the first two elements are 'duty' and 'breach.' Let's take a quick look at these foundational parts of a negligence case.

"California teen safe driving week" takes on distracted driving

Teenagers have traditionally been the earliest and most enthusiastic adopters of new technologies, especially those having to do with communication. Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time with a California adolescent likely has seen that person glued to a cell phone or other mobile communications device. The fact that this same age group is also involved in getting their first drivers' licenses and is relatively inexperienced on the roads can lead to them being more susceptible to distracted driving.

Dealing with insurance companies in California personal injury

As is often said, insurance is a product that you purchase while hoping to never have to use it. Because it is a hedge against something bad happening, insurance is one of those necessary evils that modern life requires. When a person has been hurt in an accident and an insurance company offers to pay a claim, it can seem like the victim should take the money and be thankful. However, it is important that Californians understand how insurance companies work, and how they need to be approached.

What duty is owed to an 'invitee' in California?

This blog has previously touched on the fact that property owners have some legal obligations to people who are present on their property with regard to ensuring their safety. That is, in some circumstances, an owner of real estate may be liable to pay compensation to people who suffer injuries while on the property owner's land. What kind of duty the owner has depends, in large part, upon into which category of visitor the injured person falls.

Remember these strategies to deal with road-raging motorists

One thing many motorists in Stockton fail to take into account when they take their car out is road rage. Drivers who operate their vehicles when they are angry are more likely to intimidate other motorists. Road-raging drivers are a huge threat to other motorists because they often react without thinking their actions through. Their aggressive behaviors often result in confrontations and car accidents. Before you get back on the road, consider the following suggestions on how to handle road rage situations.

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