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May 2017 Archives

How to get reimbursed for lost income after your accident

A key part of your insurance claim or personal injury settlement is the losses you have suffered because of your accident. If you are missing work due to your injury, you might be worried. Going without pay for weeks or months at a time can put you in a disastrous financial situation.

What is responsible for bad sidewalks in California?

Sidewalks exist for the main purpose of giving pedestrians a safe place to walk, hopefully keeping them out of the way of vehicular traffic in the streets while not forcing them to traverse uneven ground that may lay next to thoroughfares and rights-of-way. While they mostly do a good job at this, anyone who has walked any significant distance around an urban area in California knows that not all sidewalks are well maintained. So, what happens when it is the sidewalk itself that causes injury?

'Cause in fact' in California personal injury

Negligence is a term that can be thrown around a lot. In California and elsewhere, people often use the word to mean simple carelessness. While this definition is not wrong, and indeed, legal negligence does have a strong correlation to carelessness. In a courtroom setting there are several aspects of the theory that need to be shown in order to prevail in a lawsuit, whether based on an auto accident or other personal injury situation. We previously touched on the basics of a negligence case, and a few weeks ago we briefly discussed a couple of the elements that need to be shown, namely 'duty' and 'breach.'

What actions might indicate negligence in a California car crash?

Californians spend a lot of time on the road. Between commuting to work, shuttling kids back and forth to activities, and just driving to get out of town, residents probably spend a good part of their lives in motor vehicles. While the convenience and freedom afforded by such liberal use of cars and trucks is considerable, it brings with it the possibility of serious accidents that can cause severe, long-lasting injuries. When these types of crashes are avoidable, the injured party may be eligible for compensation.

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