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How car accidents can cause traumatic brain injury

A car crash can lead to a whole range of injuries, from the relatively minor to the fatal. Traumatic brain injury ranks among the more severe likely consequences of an accident.

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, happens when the brain suffers a violent impact, such as one would experience during a crash. According to the CDC, car wrecks are the third leading cause of TBI.

Effects of severe TBI

Medical science divides TBI into two categories: severe and mild. Severe TBI can affect various functions throughout the body and cause coma, paralysis, speech impairment and deep cognitive impairment. The progress of this injury is often unpredictable, leading to fatality for some patients and to substantial recovery in others. Any recovery, however, typically takes a long time, involves many kinds of intensive treatments and generally ameliorates symptoms rather than curing them.

Watch out for mild TBI symptoms

Mild TBI may result in less drastic consequences, but sufferers often continue to feel its impact for many years. Often, patients at first confuse its symptoms with other, less serious conditions. As a result, they may not receive a diagnosis until sometime after sustaining the trauma. Common signs of TBI include mood swings, memory glitches, mental fog, inability to focus, nausea and headaches. After suffering a car accident, you should pay attention and see a doctor if you notice any of these symptoms, especially if they feel different in frequency or intensity from anything you experienced before the trauma.

How TBI can affect your future

Dealing with TBI can mean needing long-term treatment, at-home assistance or hospital care. To manage mild TBI as best as possible, you may need medications and various therapies. Even with all available treatments, doctors cannot guarantee that you will return to your previous levels of functioning.

If you face a TBI diagnosis after your accident, you may have concerns about how long you will continue to be unable to work and how you will cover your medical bills. A qualified attorney can help you construct a strong case so that you can get legal compensation for the loss you suffered because of another driver's negligence.

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