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How to get reimbursed for lost income after your accident

A key part of your insurance claim or personal injury settlement is the losses you have suffered because of your accident. If you are missing work due to your injury, you might be worried. Going without pay for weeks or months at a time can put you in a disastrous financial situation.

Fortunately, you can seek compensation for this lost income. Learn how to document your lost wages after your car accident so you can get back on track.

Documentation from your employer

If you are employed and work regularly, documenting your lost pay is easy. You can collect recent pay stubs and bank statements to show what you usually earn. You may also want to request a letter from your boss describing your position, pay rate, the hours you usually work and how much time you missed after the accident.

Proving lost income if you are self-employed

Proving your lost wages if you are self-employed requires a bit more work. You can collect invoices, billing or payments received to show evidence of the money you earn. If you work relatively sporadically, you may take your yearly income and divide it into a weekly or monthly average. Your personal tax return is a great way to show evidence of your income.

Lost work opportunities

You can also be reimbursed for missed employment opportunities because of your car crash. While it is more difficult to prove an exact amount in this case, you may still increase your final settlement by showing strong proof, for example, evidence that you missed a scheduled job interview or sales meeting.

Nobody should be on the verge of losing everything because of car accident injuries. If you properly document your lost wages, you can get back the money you have missed. Be sure to document any medical expenses as well. For more guidance on the specifics of your personal injury case, consult an attorney.

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