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3 common causes of swimming pool injuries

When you are swimming in a public or private pool, you expect to have a great time. However, sometimes hazards can cause injuries to you or your children. What you plan as a day of family fun can quickly turn into an emergency. In certain cases, the property owner may be responsible for injuries that occur in or near the swimming pool. 

So, what are the most common dangerous conditions that lead to injuries at swimming pools? Here are some potential risks. 

1. Electric shock

According to LoveToKnow, a common swimming pool hazard is electric shock. Water and chlorine are both conductors of electricity, which means swimming pools are particularly unsafe when there are hazardous electrical conditions present. If the property owner keeps ungrounded electrical equipment or tools near the pool, it could result in electrocution. Examples of such equipment include grills and stereos. 

2. Unsafe equipment

Equipment such as ladders, water slides and diving boards often surround pools. If the owner does not properly maintain these things, they could fall into disrepair and cause injuries. A lack of emergency safety equipment could also lead to preventable injuries that happen because of pool owner negligence. 

3. Drowning

Unsurprisingly, drowning is a common pool injury. If a pool owner does not take steps to prevent drowning, he or she could be held liable for such an accident. For example, the pool should have pool safety fences, "no diving" warnings in shallow areas and life preservers. While drowning may result in death, near-drowning can also cause serious injuries, such as respiratory impairment. 

There are many swimming pool dangers, but these are some of the most frequent. Being aware of these common causes of injuries may help you to watch for hazards when you and your loved ones go out to swim. If you or a loved one gets injured at a swimming pool, you may want to talk to a personal injury attorney about your options. 

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