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Stockton Area Criminal Lawyer Knows How To Protect Your Rights

Defense attorney experienced in central California justice system

I am Mark Thiel, a Stockton defense attorney with the inside knowledge and trial skills to forcefully challenge criminal charges for more than two decades. I am reputed as one of the most aggressive criminal defense lawyers in the central California area. Government lawyers that face me know I am always fully prepared and ready to mount a strong defense, which gives my clients an advantage during plea negotiations. In every case I handle, clients receive thorough advice and assertive advocacy.

Skilled advocacy from an attorney nominated as one of the best

When you’re confronted with criminal court charges, calling the right lawyer is key to launching a prompt and effective defense. It is advisable to find a firm like the Law Office of Mark A. Thiel, which offers:

  • Accomplished trial advocacy — I have built a strong track record over two decades of service to Central Valley clients. Peer recognition includes a nomination as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in California and a term as president of the San Joaquin County Trial Lawyers Association.
  • Aggressive litigation — Once retained as your defense lawyer, I set out immediately to determine the details of the criminal charges and to gather evidence and other information needed to conduct a vigorous defense. I will investigate and pursue every available remedy.
  • Knowledgeable advice — With more than two decades of trial experience, I can fully assess the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s case and advise you authoritatively about your chances of success and the best options for your defense.

I care passionately about protecting each client’s rights and achieving justice. I strive to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome by developing a thorough strategy for each client’s defense.

Experienced Stockton lawyer defends clients charged with any crime

At the Law Office of Mark A. Thiel, I provide criminal defense for clients in cases stemming from a range of charges, both felonies and misdemeanors. Regardless of the type or degree of the crime charged, I know how to proceed with all stages in the process, from discovery to plea negotiations to trial and post-trial procedures. I can defend against any of the following charges, no matter the complexity or gravity:

  • Assault and Battery — Assault is the threat of violence, and battery is any violent or unwanted touching. Assault and battery charges may carry prison time.
  • Conspiracy — You can be charged with conspiracy for entering into an agreement to commit a crime, exposing you to possible incarceration even though the actual crime is not committed.
  • Drug crimes — These offenses range from simple possession to illegal manufacture and trafficking. Drug charges are defendable by raising constitutional and legal challenges.
  • DUI/DWI and traffic infractions — Being convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or under drug influence can have serious consequences. I will pursue the best defense and remedies for DUI/DWI and other traffic violations.
  • Gun and weapons crimes — Whether you’re accused of violating state laws on gun possession or federal laws on weapons sales, I will pursue a strategy designed to achieve the best result.
  • Homicide — A defendant charged with a homicide faces a lifetime of incarceration, or in some cases, death. You need an attorney with experience and knowledge who is up to the task.
  • Theft — Crimes involving theft another’s money or possessions include robbery, shoplifting, burglary and theft by deception.
  • White collar crimes —We represent clients charged with fraud, embezzlement, extortion, conspiracy, tax evasion and other white collar crimes.
  • Juvenile Offenses — I have represented juveniles in diverse criminal and noncriminal matters, seeking dispositions that avoid giving them criminal records that can limit future prospects.

I also provide post-conviction assistance, which includes help with appeals, probation and parole.

Hire one of central California’s premier criminal defense firms

At the Law Office of Mark A. Thiel, we care about justice and your rights. Call 209-951-9600 anytime —nights, weekends, holidays — and get a free, immediate response. Or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation. Se habla español.

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  • "The man with the plan! I retained Mark Thiel to represent me in three expungement cases, two of which were DUIs, and one Public Misconduct, all three were considered misdemeanors. When the time came to go to the hearing for all three cases in the Modesto Superior Court, the Assistant DA filed to deny the motion based on her wrong interpretation of the letter of the law and Mark was brilliant in his research and brief that he filed with the court, and as we stood before the judge, he meticulously sited the cases and explained the letter of the law the way it is meant to be applied. The judge did not say one word in opposition and granted the motion on the spot! Mark is fantastic and worth every penny he charges, which by the way, is quite reasonable. Thank you Mark!"

  • "My Knight in Shining Armor Mark came to my aid at the very last minute when another attorney abandoned my custody case literally 2 days prior to trial. I had a bad feeling about the other attorney and contacted Mark. Not only was he absolutely wonderfully knowledgeable intaking my case, he was stellar in court. My babies and I are safe and sound in our home forever now thanks solely to Mr. Mark Thiel."

  • "Excellent attorney with the right solution! Mark helped guide me with what seemed like an endless case. I approached Mark with a very complicated case, that dealt with educational law and a signed contract. He was a great listener and was able to find an expedited solution that resolved my case within weeks."

  • "Excellent Attorney! Honest and Trustworthy! Mark showed a great deal of class dealing with my difficult situation. He easily saw between the lines found an edge to work with and brought my case to a desired conclusion! Case won!"

  • "Great attorney, Dedicated, Fair, Honest, and Caring! I hired Mark to represent me in a personal injury case. Putting this matter into his hands was the BEST decision I ever made!!. Before I spoke to him, I had interviewed several attorneys and felt so jumbled and confused, not knowing who to trust and what to do. Mark listened to my situation and patiently answered all my questions and concerns. His responsiveness, knowledge, authenticity and wise counsel calmed the stress and anxiety I had over mounting medical bills and a prolonged process. I did not have any reservations in trusting him. He was realistic in what we faced and his office was very helpful in the various stages of the case. He was willing to go the extra mile and didn't back down in negotiations. My settlement definitely exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Mark to family and friends. As a matter of fact, a family member had an issue with his employer and Mark Thiel was the first name that popped into my head. He is definitely someone you want on your side."

  • "Best Lawyer Ever! I couldn't have asked for a better advocate to represent me in court. I had never been arrested before and he greatly exceeded my expectations. He truly fought for my rights and dignity - We didn't leave that courtroom until all my charges were dismissed! He is intelligent, tenacious, confident and experienced with the people of the San Joaquin judicial system. I would greatly advise anyone with a criminal case in San Joaquin county - or anywhere else - to hire Mark as your lawyer, as you will have a bulldog fighting for your future and the best possible outcome of your case."

  • "Case won!!! Mark was awesome with my case against the Tracy school district .. So knowledgeable ..they didn't know what hit them. I would recommend him to anyone that wants a dedicated attorney"

  • "Saved my life I was falsely accused of a crime I didn't commit and after several unhelpful attorneys I came into contact with Mr. Thiel. He was able to help me with my situation and got my charges completely dismissed."

  • "Genuine, Direct, Realistic, Quality After interviewing several Lawyers, met and hired Mark for an alcohol related traffic offense. Mark laid out the entire scenario and it played out as he stated, never overstating or understating the process. He was empathetic, yet realistic about the offense. As a first time offender, he was available and offered genuine counsel for the situation. Mark will always be my first choice as a lawyer. He is someone who is realistic, reasonable and trustworthy. Most importantly, he understands the law and his role as an attorney. Thanks Mark..."

  • "He is amazing I have used Mr. Thiel for estate, trusts, and personal injury. He is amazing in court. What a genius. Very eloquent. Will continue with him and refer him all the time to friends and family."