Options for Outstanding Balance

If You Owe More Taxes Than You Can Pay — Mark Can Help You Find Options

The IRS has been a successful agency of the U.S. government for so long because its executive leadership knows that a tax dollar in hand is worth two in uncollectible status.

Putting off responding to an IRS tax notice won't help you. Getting professional, experience legal help from a licensed attorney will. Time really does matter. Call the firm immediately at 209-390-4601. You can start resolving your dispute with the IRS or the California Department of Revenue at your first consultation.

If you reside or operate a business in the Stockton, California, metropolitan area and have been notified of a tax bill that you can't afford to pay, don't panic. Talk to the Law Offices of Mark A. Thiel. Mark is a licensed attorney with years of experience helping people work out acceptable options to their tax arrears.

What Options Are Available?

The IRS knows that people can get into financial trouble. Throwing you in jail for tax evasion isn't doing you, your family or the government any good. It is often willing to listen to a solid plan for paying the taxes you owe, or work out a plan to help you pay a percentage of what you owe.

Here are some options attorney Mark Thiel can help you with:

  • Installment payments: At your initial consultation, Mark will collect all relevant financial information and prepare an installment plan to submit to the IRS. Because of his experience with the tax authorities, he knows better than to draft a pie-in-the-sky plan that gives you false hope but the IRS will never accept. He begins the process by getting an honest evaluation of your financial circumstances, then prepares a realistic plan for installment payments up to five years.
  • Currently uncollectible status: If you find yourself in tough financial shape right now, it may be impossible for you to begin repaying your tax debt. Mark will negotiate with the IRS to have your tax debt placed into Currently Uncollectible Status. This buys you time, but it will not get you out of your tax debt.
  • Offer in compromise: Relying on skillful negotiations and knowledge of IRS and California state tax law, Mark can often negotiate a compromise in the amount of taxes you owe.
  • Innocent spouse relief: The IRS recognizes that spouses aren't always aware of their husband's or wife's business dealings or tax returns. If you are the spouse of someone who has been notified of a significant tax bill, you may qualify for relief through the innocent spouse relief law.

Don't Panic — Act. Call Attorney Mark Thiel Right Away.

If you have received a tax notice regarding an audit or taxes due, do not respond until you have talked to attorney Mark Thiel. But do not simply ignore the IRS notice. There is a proper way to respond to an IRS tax notice. Mark will help you with it during your initial consultation.

Call the firm at 209-390-4601 or contact Mark by email to arrange a free initial consultation.