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Encouraging News for Spinal Cord Injury Sufferers

The lives of more than 17,000 people in the U.S. are altered every year due to a devastating, severe spinal cord injury. The long-term impact on their lives is severe, typically requiring extensive ongoing healthcare, therapy, rehabilitation, and assistance with daily activities.

Doctors and scientists are constantly working on the treatment of spinal cord injuries, reversing or minimizing the resulting paralysis, and easing other associated issues and problems. These advancements are looking promising in 2017 with the announcement of several new therapies and developments.

New Therapy May Help Improve Motor Function

Biotechnology company Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. is working on a new embryonic stem cell therapy to help patients who no longer have sensory and motor function below the site of their spinal cord injury. Small trials for AST-OPC1 cells have demonstrated improvements at the 6-month and 9-month follow-up stages.

Testing of Innovative Stimulator Device Shows Promise

UCLA Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health are testing a spinal stimulator device to help severe spinal cord injury victims manage small motor skill challenges, such as putting on shoes and holding a cup of coffee. The stimulator uses 32 electrodes to train the brain to find detours around the impacted areas of the spinal cord. The few people who have received the device have shown improvement through small strength and movement gains.

Anti-inflammatory Drug Enters Clinical Trials

Inflammation at the site of a spinal cord injury can increase damage caused by the injury. A University of Queensland study is introducing a new anti-inflammatory drug, intravenous immunoglobin (IVIg) therapy. The drug is designed to be administered within hours of spinal injury to help minimize tissue damage. The initial drug trial is set to run for three years with 20 participants.

InVivo Trials Continue to Demonstrate Success

The Inspire study by InVivo was launched last year to test a neuro-spinal scaffold implant. InVivo reports that a sixth patient, who suffered from a complete AIS A spinal cord injury, is now showing improvement. The company reports a 54.5 percent conversion rate for the study.

Helping Victims of Spinal Cord Injury

Many debilitating spinal cord injuries are the result of a vehicle accident or other serious personal injury. The victims of these accidents can often recover damages to help them receive the care, support, and assistance they so desperately need.

At the California Law Offices of Mark A. Thiel, we understand what you are facing. Attorney Thiel himself has suffered a personal injury in the past and knows how this life-altering event can impact every facet of your life. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can increase your chances of recovering a settlement or award that meets the needs of your extensive injury.

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