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Why you should obtain a criminal defense attorney upon an arrest

Let's face it. Being arrested for a criminal charge is the last thing that anyone wants to experience in the U.S. Not only does such an arrest jeopardize your freedom but also puts your reputation into questions. In most cases, offenders are rarely perceived in the same way in the public eye before the arrest. Depending on the seriousness of the felony, a criminal conviction can either be compared to the proverbial nail on your coffin or a get-out-of-jail-free card. Of course, all this depends on the situation is approached and solved with precision.

As an offender, it's in your best interests to comply with a Police Officer's request for a breathalyzer test. This doesn't necessarily mean you are guilty. On the contrary, it only signifies your willingness to oblige with predetermined standards in an attempt to clear your name. More importantly, desist from admitting to any charges as doing so will only make it harder to win the case. In most circumstances, Prosecutors tend to rattle the cages of culprits in an attempt to make them confess. Standard tricks mostly used revolve around retrieving past criminal records to test your endurance in court.

Despite being considered as a misdemeanor, a DUI charge can adversely affect your life, especially when innocent civilians are harmed in the way. Seeking an excellent Criminal Defense strategy can spell the difference between freedom and incarceration especially with long-term consequences on the horizon. In most cases, charges relating to DUI largely depend on several factors such as the severity of the crime, the culprit's former convictions and the ultimate consequences of the offense. In exceptional circumstances, a DUI charge can quickly escalate into a serious felony when the defendant drove on a suspended or revoked license.

Agreeing to a plea negotiation should only serve as a measure of last resort when all other alternatives have failed. With a plea negotiation, you primarily agree to plead guilty to a specified crime in return for a reduced sentence. Such an option is mostly used when overwhelming and irrefutable evidence has been gathered against you. Fortunately, minor charges can be expunged with ease.

Are you in need of an excellent Criminal Defense strategy? Don't hesitate to contact a seasoned lawyer in Stockton, California for legal guidance.

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