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3 common causes of swimming pool injuries

When you are swimming in a public or private pool, you expect to have a great time. However, sometimes hazards can cause injuries to you or your children. What you plan as a day of family fun can quickly turn into an emergency. In certain cases, the property owner may be responsible for injuries that occur in or near the swimming pool. 

What to do when a neighbor's dog bites you in California

One of the best parts of summer is being outside in the warm weather and sunshine. Perhaps you like to go for a run, ride your bike or just stroll down the block. This is usually a pleasant experience that allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.

What is responsible for bad sidewalks in California?

Sidewalks exist for the main purpose of giving pedestrians a safe place to walk, hopefully keeping them out of the way of vehicular traffic in the streets while not forcing them to traverse uneven ground that may lay next to thoroughfares and rights-of-way. While they mostly do a good job at this, anyone who has walked any significant distance around an urban area in California knows that not all sidewalks are well maintained. So, what happens when it is the sidewalk itself that causes injury?

What duty is owed to an 'invitee' in California?

This blog has previously touched on the fact that property owners have some legal obligations to people who are present on their property with regard to ensuring their safety. That is, in some circumstances, an owner of real estate may be liable to pay compensation to people who suffer injuries while on the property owner's land. What kind of duty the owner has depends, in large part, upon into which category of visitor the injured person falls.

Defenses available to shop owners against personal injury claims

Every year in the United States there are thousands of personal injury claims due to shopping-related injuries alone. Shopping related injuries can be a result of shop owner's negligence but this is not always the case, and sometimes shop owners are not to blame at all. Some types of shop related injuries include:

What damages are recoverable in a premises liability suit?

Imagine you are shopping in a store when you slip on a puddle of spilled milk you didn't see, and you slip and fall, breaking your wrist. You must go to the hospital and have your wrist placed in a cast, and the cast prevents you from returning to work for two weeks. Who is responsible for your medical expenses and lost wages?

How is liability determined in a premises liability case?

When entering a property a person has a reasonable expectation not to be the victim of accidents or injuries due to the premises thus it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain reasonable safety standards for the premises. The determination of liability varies depending upon the state that's because different states have different standards and rules.

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